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Plano, Texas, April 17, 2022 – Pro Organic, a mission-driven plant food company, is excited to announce the launch of their new product, Pro Organic Plant Food Spray, a premium 100% organic and vegan organic fertilizer.

“No matter who you are or where you live, the power of nature speaks to all of us. Years ago, I, along with my good friend and cofounder, woke up to the danger of synthetic fertilizers and their terrible impact on the environment. Pro Organic Plant Food Spray is our way of providing a better, more sustainable alternative,” said John Yun, cofounder of Pro Organic.

Pro Organic Plant Food Spray is an odorless, easy-to-use spray, infused with natural ingredients like rice bran and castor meal, as well as other essential minerals derived from the earth. It is suitable for use on all indoor and outdoor plants and is applied as a foliar spray, directly to all sides of the leaves and the stems.

Through its earth-friendly formula, Pro Organic’s new fertilizer spray supplies nitrogen, potassium and other nutrients designed to naturally stimulate growth, promote green vibrancy, and boost overall plant health.

The product is specially made for plant parents, urban gardeners, and climate-conscious homeowners who are interested in greener living while protecting the soil and environment.

Pro Organic Plant Food Spray is also designed to resolve common consumer issues with existing organic fertilizers, offering an odor-free, simple, and ready-to-go spray alternative to fertilizers that require manual mixing and/or are sourced from pungent animal material, such as bone meal, feather meal, fish emulsion, manure and guano.

Lastly, Pro Organic’s flagship product is OMRI-certified, a distinction that makes it truly organic and safe enough to grow even greens and produce for the table.

“Our Pro Organic brand is all about empowering plant lovers and gardeners around the world to grow happier, healthier plants, while taking care of our earth. Through our innovative products, we hope to help people nurture their personal green oases and protect the environment at the same time,” said Sean Kim, cofounder of Pro Organic.

In alignment with Pro Organic’s eco-driven mission, 1% of all their profits go directly to nonprofit organizations focused on planting trees around the world in highest-need areas.

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About Pro Organic

Pro Organic, established in 2005, is a premium 100% organic and vegan plant food company, pioneering a better way for plants, gardens and green spaces to truly thrive while protecting the soil and environment. Designed for plant parents everywhere, Pro Organic’s innovative products are gentle, easy-to-use, and infused with rice bran, castor meal, and essential nutrients & minerals derived from the earth. Pro Organic’s plant food products are officially OMRI-certified, making them wonderfully safe for people, pets and planet. For more information, visit their website or follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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PRO ORGANIC by Shin Nong

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