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This updated collection of wearable products addresses the need for protection from harmful radiation coming from electronic devices, like cell phones, laptops, and tablets that people use more and more every day.

More information is available at https://quantuslife.com/collections/emf-products

The company explains that its new wearable products help individuals fight EMF and toxins that put massive stress on their bodies, causing them to become unbalanced and vulnerable to fatigue, obesity, and overall poor health.

Testing by The Chicago Tribune showed that most of the smartphones in the tests exceeded the radiofrequency radiation legal limit set by the FCC and what the cell phone companies had reported.

Ellie Marks, executive director of the nonprofit California Brain Tumor Association, stated that extensive evidence exists showing cell phone radiation can be a factor in several types of cancer.

Quantus Life recognizes that people want to enjoy all their electronic devices without fear of getting cancer, so the EMF Cellphone Protect Discs were designed to help people protect themselves from this type of radiation.

More information can be found on Quantus Life’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/quantuslife

The Cellphone Protect Disc is its best-selling EMF protection device, but Body Align has a collection of wearable devices that includes the Energy and Wellness Band for increased energy, the Body Relief for pain reduction, Sweet Dreams Sleep Patch for better sleep, and more.

Research and tested over 10 years Quantus Life has focused on addressing the issue of balancing the body’s energies.

In line with Quantus Life’s mission to help individuals cover all aspects of balancing their bodies.

A satisfied customer wrote, “I was having a lot of headaches, but they stopped completely when I put this on my phone. I had no idea my phone was the cause. When my grandson told me he was having headaches when using his tablet, I bought one for him too. I highly recommend them.”

Interested parties can get more information at https://quantuslife.com/

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