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Gold Hill, Oregon – When interested in purchasing a pet cage, looking for a supplier that prioritizes quality and safety is recommended. – Ultra Lite Animal Enclosures has managed to do this since 1985 by supplying pet enclosures and cages that meet the standards of trusted and recognized bodies like the ASPCA, CFA, and TICA. by Ultra Lite Animal Enclosures’ specialties are animal cages and enclosures, pet display cages, and outdoor pet condos. They offer various products ranging from smaller units to walk-in models, which are convenient for isolation purposes. These animal enclosures are purposed for keeping cats, dogs, chinchillas, squirrels, and other pets.

This company builds its cages and pet enclosures on order, thus positioning itself to offer clients customized products that suit their pet sizes and needs. These products are produced locally from standardized materials and are easy to assemble. Some of the features of these cages and enclosures include galvanized wire with powder coating, which are gentle on the pets’ fur. They are waterproofed for easier cleaning with a pressure washer or water hose and are rust-resistant.

Due to their rust-resistant properties, these cages and enclosures are convenient for indoor and outdoor purposes. Their premium doors and locks and other safety features that keep clever dogs and cats from breaking out of the cages. The cages are also portable, making them reliable and practical. by Ultra Lite Animal Enclosures designs its products to cater to pets’ needs, regardless of their size, and work within clients’ budgets. It also features some of the latest design models and supports projects by offering various materials and parts.

The supplier’s representative noted, “Our animal enclosures and pet cages have proven to be a solid solution for a multitude of other animal types and have been used for animal rehabilitation clinics, professional boarding facilities, veterinarians, animal hospitals, animal control officers, critter catchers, humane societies, pet stores, rescue organizations, and homeowners across the globe.”

Cages and enclosures offered include kitty condos and queens, mini condos, walk-in enclosures, custom cages, puppy and doggie dens, show cages, fold a dens, and SPCA cages. In addition, this company offers parts and materials, including casters, hinges, clamps, tubing, fittings, flippers, latches, and, most importantly, the fittings to put everything together. They also provide accessories like bowls, bag holders, litter pans, shelves, dividers, floor panels, pet slings, hammock beds, and aluminum frames.

Clients can order these products via the by Ultra Lite Animal Enclosures website. Moreover, a team of professional customer representatives will assist them in making the purchases. This company offers free shipping on orders shipped to the Contiguous United States.

Check by Ultra Lite Animal Enclosures website to shop for several pet cages and enclosures, parts, materials, and accessories. Contact them by calling 702-683-3478 for further inquiries about their products. Everything they manufacture is Made in Oregon, USA.

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