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As the demand for natural and alternative treatments for pain relief increases, Matthew Brownell’s practice Stress Solutions updates its wide range of services to include the latest in posture alignment therapy. The new therapy enhances spine health and improves posture, minimizing joint compression and muscle contraction.

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By boosting self-regulation and self-healing, and using various exercises and rehabilitation techniques, the updated posture alignment therapy improves the body balance and restores it to its original pain-free state.

Proper body alignment is crucial for a healthy, pain-free life. With a poor body posture, more strain is put upon muscles and joints, making it difficult to perform regular daily tasks. Posture alignment therapy readjusts back muscles, relieving pain, improving posture, and healing past injuries. Upon consulting a trained therapist, patients can identify areas of discomfort and relieve them through multiple posture correction sessions.

Matthew Brownell and the experts at Stress Solutions review their patients’ medical history, ensuring that they receive the appropriate treatment for their ailments. They also help relieve compression in the head, neck, shoulders, and back.

Additionally, they provide thorough spine examinations, helping their patients restore their body’s optimal posture. To make sure that patients make the most of their sessions, they also provide dietary and exercise advice optimized for their needs.

Besides posture alignment therapy, the practice offers several pain relief treatments, including remedial massage therapy, Bowen technique therapy, reflexology therapy, acupuncture, and sports injury therapy. They also use emerging technologies, such as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, to improve the body’s natural recovery process.

Matthew Brownell has been featured on TV as Manchester’s Health & Wellbeing Specialist of the year 2019. By visiting the practice’s website, individuals can schedule a free consultation.

A spokesperson for the practice states: “Matthew Brownell spent 30 years treating thousands of people and he has developed a tested and successful approach to body alignment. He graduated from the internationally renowned Northern Institute of Massage. He is also qualified in several treatment modalities, including the Bowen technique therapy, remedial massage therapy, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, sports injury therapy, acupuncture, and herbalism.”

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Stress Solutions
Stress Solutions
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