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Chatsworth, CA – Millions of Americans suffer from alcohol addiction, but very few of them receive treatment. Alcohol addiction impacts their economic, emotional, and social lives, leading to broken relationships, debt, and mental health disorders. While alcohol abuse may seem impossible to overcome, Hillcrest Recovery Chatsworth empowers individuals to take charge of their alcohol addiction and reclaim their lives. When a client arrives at the facility, they enter a safe space where they can confront their past, grow, or begin sobriety.

Located in Chatsworth, the facility provides the perfect environment for individuals to isolate themselves from the outside world and work on getting back on track. The rehabilitation center is run by a team of physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, and staff that treat each client with the respect, compassion and care they deserve. According to Hillcrest Recovery, healing starts when an individual identifies and addresses the root cause of their addiction. For this reason, they utilize body, mind, and spiritual elements to solve unaddressed mental health conditions, traumas, environments, or lifestyle choices to give clients lifelong tools or prevent self-destructive behaviors.

Alcohol abuse is characterized by an uncontrollable urge to drink, whether a person is relaxing, in an inappropriate situation, or aware of the negative consequences of having a drink. Chronic alcohol abuse creates chemical imbalances in the body that affect an individual’s emotional/mental health, and this is why Hillcrest Recovery is committed to correcting detrimental behavior that pushes individuals further into alcoholism at their alcohol rehab center.

Their treatment programs start with detoxing, a process of abstaining from alcohol to remove toxins from the body or eliminate dependency. With the knowledge that the detoxification process is uncomfortable, the facility has taken proactive steps to help clients manage their withdrawal symptoms safely by providing comfort medications and healthy activities. Once the detox process is complete, the client transitions into therapy, where they determine the root cause of alcohol abuse. The therapy process is handled by licensed psychiatrists who utilize behavioral therapy practices to prevent self-destructive habits.

Hillcrest Recovery believes in holistic treatment, and this is why they provide music groups, acting classes, acupuncture, yoga, fitness sessions, massage therapy, and more to enhance the healing process. Once a client completes their treatment program, they are still supported along their paths to assimilating back into normal life by accessing abundant resources and a thriving alumni community.

Hillcrest Recovery Chatsworth was started to create a treatment center that helped people find sobriety and transform into the best versions of themselves. From its inception, the facility has served clients across the board using programs that can be adapted to different modalities of addiction. To request a confidential consultation, call (866) 767-7919 or visit the facility’s website. They’re located at 19687 Los Alimos St, Chatsworth, California, 91311, US.

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