Build the infinite profiles and communities you love. Connect with whoever you want whenever you want. Family, friends, hobbies, shopping, work, all in one place.

Düsseldorf, Germany, Apr 12, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, This was the easiest description of the platform which will be launched in the next few weeks, but the detailed description is, Meta Comies is a free and open source decentralized social media platform with a built in marketplace where people can create as many profiles and communities as they need without giving any private information like email addresses, phone numbers or real names, users can create accounts using their crypto wallets or optionally using an email address.

To protect users’ privacy, each community has it’s own profile which is separated from the other communities and profiles, each profile has its own name, username and email address (username@metacomies.com) In this way, users can create a separate community for each relationship, community for family, other for friends, other for work …etc, for each hobby and for each mood, in this way, users will have as much fun as possible and as little boredom and repetition as possible.

The main features of the platform: 

Open source:

There will be no hidden features or functions, everyone can browse the source code for the platform and see how it works.


Respecting the users’ privacy is the most important characteristic of this platform, no data will be collected.


Users can Create profiles and communities using real names or nicknames, they can be who they want whenever they want.

No ads forever:

No annoying ads will be displayed on the platform, there will be some paid services to promote some products inside the marketplace without bothering the users.

Free forever:

There are no subscriptions or registration fees on the platform, there is only 1% tax on buying, selling or sending payments using our cryptocurrency.

Built in Marketplace:

Meta Comies has a well categorized marketplace. Companies and individual users can create their own stores and sell their physical and digital products and services.

Built in Crypto asset:

Meta Comies has it’s own crypto asset designed specially for the platform to be secure for payments and investments without features and functions can effect it’s price or community investments like disabling, minting or blacklisting. There are no limits on buying or selling Meta Comies Coin, the total tax is 1% for development purposes. Users can use Meta Comies Coin for sending payments to each others and paying for purchases in the marketplace.

Going to the Metaverse:

The developers are already working on the Metaverse version of the platform.

All features will be reviewed in detail and the launch date will be announced in subsequent press releases, for more info please check:

Website Twitter Reddit Medium Telegram Github.


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