Mohammad Saeid Moala, with more than 12 years of experience in sports, has been able to win many championships.

The sports he is active in are mma, kickboxing and self-defense.

Apart from his sports activities, he also has a bachelor’s degree in law, but one of his biggest interests, which has developed in him since he was 17 years old, is the genre of instrumental music.

Mohammad Saeid Moala has had more than 2,500 students in martial arts, including mma and kickboxing.

He said about martial arts that mma and kickboxing make one able to control his anger and empty the body of negativity.

Mohammad Saeid Moala, who is interested in composing, said that he started his career in the instrumental style since 2007 and has been able to achieve great success in this field, just like the sports he does.

My sport helps me a lot so that I can bring a lot of energy in myself by making music because sport frees my body and music frees my soul.





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